My journey to Bangor

The journey to Bangor was long and exhausting for me because of my injured ankle, but at least full of sheep. 😉

My flight from Vienna to Brussels was delayed because of the weather conditions (snow and strong wind), which made me a bit nervous because I knew I would not have that much time to change planes in Brussels. However, that flight reminded me why I love flying: the take-off is just awesome and the flight attendants are super nice. 🙂

I asked one of the flight attendants if I could sit in the front part so that I could quickly move on to my flight to Manchester – business class, yes!!. I think it was around 9:30 when I could leave the plane and my flight to Manchester was scheduled to take-off at 9:55. I looked at the screen showing the flight numbers, gates and the time one needs to get to the gate. I had to get to B90 – the screen said it takes 22 minutes to get there. ‘Brussels is a small airport’ they said….uhm…nope. Now please think of the running scene in Home Alone, double the speed of the running people and you have an idea what I did then. I ran for my life, my ankle almost killing me. Without football training I would have collapsed soon, for sure.

In the end I made it! (Ok, to be honest the flight was also a bit delayed but still). Since the time window between the two flights was so small I feared that although I made it my bag would not make it. That is exactly what happened. I was a bit irritated because of that since there were quite a lot of things in the luggage that I needed, but I continued my journey on a train from Manchester airport to Crewe, from Crewe to Chester and then from Chester to Bangor. Here comes the sheep part: The landscape is actually very similar to my home Burgenland: Green valleys, “mountainous” (that is totally a matter of perspective!) and quite a number of castles. However, Wales comes with a sea view and A LOT OF sheep! I guess one of the reasons Wales is called the land of dragons is because it sounds so much cooler and the title ‘land of sheep’ is already taken…

I arrived safely in Bangor and soon stood in front of my student house. The first days were a bit difficult, in particular because of my delayed luggage and injured ankle, but to find out what I did in my first week in Bangor you need to read the next entry, which is coming soon!

Best wishes, Alex 🙂


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