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Conwy and an adventure in the wilderness of Abergwyngregyn

Welcome back,

As promised in my last blog entry, this time I’m going to share again some travel experiences and many photos of the Welsh cities and landscapes. 😉 This time I went to another World heritage castle – Conwy castle – and on another day to the magnificent Aber Falls and its surrounding nature reserve. Both days proved to be full of interesting encounters and I took more photos than my phone could handle – and deleting photos on a trip is the most annoying pastime I can tell you 😉 I hope you enjoy reading this blog entry!

While some friends already went to Conwy in January on a day trip organized by the university, I was very happy to finally visit this town and its castle last week. As you can see in the photos below, the town is surrounded by town walls, which you can even walk on.

After approaching the harbor of Conwy on the town walls, we came across the city town center and found one of my beloved goélands on a knight. It happened to be not the last encounter with a goéland this day….

Conwy harbor offered a great view on the sea, but also the smallest house in Great Britian (is it really Great Britain? Does that mean there is a smaller one in Northern Ireland or did those people just not go to Prof. Reichl’s lecture about cultural studies? I hope it’s the first one…)

Our next stop was the icon of Conwy – Conwy castle! It was rather similar to Caernarfon and getting up to the highest towers was surely a bit tricky here as well because of the small steps – I was so glad for not being dizzy anymore, I would have surely died this day otherwise. At certain times I felt like being in the world of Dark Souls, especially when I saw this giant knight statue with the crown on top. Let’s just have a look at the photos before I tell you what happened there! 😉


What happened? It was le goéland again – of course. Two of them were very approachable and one of my friends fed them without them becoming greedy and aggressive – unlike the goéland in Beaumaris, which was not even fed. And the awesome thing about it: I have filmed it, have a look! 😀

On our way to the bus station we came across my favorite tree – a cherry blossom – which, in my opinion, could not have been a better ending to this wonderful day in Conwy. 🙂


cherry blossom

Deadpool and co.

There is one thing I want to share with you although it might not fit my promise of focusing on travelling – in the evening I spotted the Power Rangers, Wolverine, Deadpool and Spider-Man in the nearby pub. Find proof below! Fancy-dressing is here apparently something you just do, I think in Austria people would ask you if you are a bit crazy XD


Abergwyngregyn Nature Reserve

The next day we went to a close town called Abergwyngregyn, which was our starting point for visiting two waterfalls called Aber Falls and the surrounding nature reserve.

It takes quite some time to get to the Aber Falls, but it is totally worth the long walk. Especially because you are surrounded by a wonderful scenery on your way to the falls. The day we went there was a very sunny one – a rarity here – so a lot of people were at the nature reserve – in particular families with children – and at the falls it was so busy that you had to wait to take a nice photo.


There are actually two of those falls, the second one was less crowded but not less impressive. 🙂 We did not take the same way back and went along the hills back to the Abergwyngregyn bus station. The walk was a challenge at certain times because some areas were a bit like a swamp and we had to jump from to stone to stone in order to not get wet – this is what I call an adventure!


Before we went down the hill to the village we came across a baby sheep, have a look at the picture and video below. In contrast to the grown-ups, who ran away from us, this one was lying like this right next to the footpath and staying for a while like this, curiously looking at us. After a while it was annoyed by its celebrity status and have a look at the video to see what happened next.

This was the last exciting event on that day, I hope you liked this blog entry, I am already in the middle of my Easter holidays – three weeks here – looking forward to a family visit! 🙂

Best wishes,